Reader Comments about The Uragon Protocol

“This a right now book that everyone needs to read!” – From a Registered Nurse in Pennsylvania.

“I just finished reading the Uragon Protocol and really enjoyed it.  The combat and battle sequences are realistic enough to pass muster in my opinion.  Well done actually.  I especially like how the story doesn’t get bogged down with too many details….I longed for more Col. Stricker chapters after the attack on the mountain.” -from a 20-year veteran of U.S. Army Special Forces

“An exciting story. I was very interested in the political intrigue. The detailed character descriptions brought the characters to life and made them tangible for the reader – amazing.  It is an easy-to-read novel with a large number of short chapters.  I appreciated the high quality of the language, and the sharp and clear sentences… félicitations pour cette réussite…” – From a Management Consultant living in France

“Good ending … Very well written … keeps your interest … already looking forward to the sequel!!!” –Geological Sciences Consultant, California

“I liked the description of the banquet in the Winter Palace and I was fascinated by Natalia.” – Retired Paramedic, New York

“Good read.  Engaging story.”  – Actuary for the Federal Government, Maryland

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