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The new cold war with Russia didn’t end well. Members of the European and Russian elite devised a plot to dismantle the strategic forces of the United States. Click the image below for details.uragon-paperback-cover-250

The tripwire for the attack were escalations in Ukraine and the Middle East. Diplomatic blunders created a group of intractable enemies who would stop at nothing to escape U.S. domination. It was only a matter of time before they counterattacked.

This suspense thriller describes a collusion between powerful individuals who discover a way to circumvent the strategic defenses of the United States. Four American intelligence operatives and three battlefield nukes are all that stand in the way of the takeover of the United States.

The characters involved in the spell-binding tale are not aware that they are setting the stage for a global leader with a taste for hedonism and debauchery.

 Order the book here.

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