Point Me to the Bomb Shelter

I learn that 40 million Russians took part in a civil defense drill.  I do research about what to do when Russia fires ICBM’s at the United States.  I discover that after the launch, I will have thirty minutes to take action before the warhead explodes over my head.

I google “Civil Defense” and am shocked that the U.S. program stopped at the end of the Cold War.  Worse yet, the Russians still have a civil defense system. In fact, they are building enough bomb shelters in Moscow for every inhabitant to reach safety in a few minutes.   Something is wrong.

I check my local government site for information about where to go in case of a nuclear attack.  They refer me to the Department of Homeland Security site: ready.gov.   After searching for fallout shelters in my area, the site links me to maryland.gov . The State of Maryland has no information about fallout shelters and they link me back to Ready.gov.  There are only 25 minutes left before detonation.

I search for a safe place to go.  I check the Nuclear Target Map and find that everywhere within a hundred miles of me is a red zone. I go back to Homeland Security in panic.

Amazingly there are no instructions on what to do to prepare for a nuclear attack, but there are instructions on what to do after the attack.  I follow the link and find this:

Go as far below ground as possible or in the center of a tall building. The goal is to put as many walls and as much concrete, brick and soil between you and the radioactive material outside.

I go down to the basement of my house and nail a piece of wood over the window.  I stuff some clothes into the dryer vent.

I hope the Patriot missiles will shoot down the incoming nukes.  Maybe the Star Wars system will stop them.

Is it actually possible that the U.S. government would provoke another nuclear power into war without providing for the safety of its own citizens?


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