New Book Trailer Released

Watch a two-minute video that captures the highlights of this fast-paced suspense thriller. … More New Book Trailer Released


The Myth of ISIS

In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis resurrected her dead husband Osiris in order to create a son who would avenge his murder. Isis named her son Horus, who is a favorite among some members of secret societies, such as those who placed the “all-seeing eye of Horus” on the back of the one-dollar bill. Isis … More The Myth of ISIS

Heroin and the Wall

Watch this tragic video of a two-year-old crying over the body of her mother who collapsed from an overdose at a Dollar Store in Massachusetts. Drug trafficking is not just a problem in America’s cities it is the main problem. Turf wars by drug dealers account for most of the murders in the United States. … More Heroin and the Wall

Reader Comments about The Uragon Protocol

“This a right now book that everyone needs to read!”

“Good ending … Very well written … keeps your interest … already looking forward to the movie!!!”

“An exciting story. I was very interested in the political intrigue. The detailed character descriptions brought the characters to life and made them tangible for the reader – amazing. ”

“I liked the description of the banquet in the Winter Palace and I was fascinated by Natalia.”

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